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Allocate Software has been designing innovative products to optimize complex organizations since 1991. We have taken expertise from several industries and applied this to the specific issues and complexity of healthcare. Today we focus on delivering software tools to help healthcare institutions manage their staff safely and efficiently so that they can deliver exceptional care to all their patients. We have customers in 11 countries, with greater than 1 million people deployed using our software in over 800 organizations.Our R&D function is a global function comprising more than 200 people with development centers across the United Kingdom, Macedonia, Sweden, and Australia. R&D globally represents approx. one-third of Allocate’s total headcount and has seen significant investment in recent years. Skopje is one of our primary development centers and a key pillar in our current and future strategy for engineering excellence. It currently houses more than 100 R&D staff members, with continued growth expected in the future.

Role Summary

 The Software Engineer is a ‘hands-on’ member of a multi-disciplinary Agile Squad responsible for a specific area of the Allocate Human Capital Management stack. This role is accountable for delivering high-quality software design and development as part of a broader team with a specific focus on engineering excellence, timely delivery, and high levels of quality.As part of a Scrum Squad, the Software Engineers are accountable for:


  • Reviewing, refining, estimating, and prioritizing functional changes in close collaboration with the Scrum Squad leading to high-quality committed deliverables.
  • Producing clean and efficient code adhering to relevant patterns and standards
  • Making informed decisions and taking ownership of project outcomes
  • Engaging in design and review processes as an author
  • Performing verification and validation to ensure product backlog items are complete before handover to colleagues
  • Reviewing and debugging code associated with product backlog items
  • Troubleshoot customer production issues
  • Accommodating non-functional outcomes incorporating scale, security, deployment, and operability considerations
  • Ensuring relevant documentation is produced and accessible
  • Ensuring, in collaboration with Scrum Squad, that ‘Definition of Done’ is achieved for all items

Teamwork & Collaboration:

  • Actively engaging in all quarterly release planning and preparation activities
  • Actively engaging in all Scrum Ceremonies
  • Effectively communicating within the Scrum Squad development decisions and activities
  • Providing relevant technical leadership within Scrum Squad


  • Continue to evolve knowledge of current industry methodologies, techniques, and emerging technologies
  • Implement defined technology adopted by product/squad

Core Competencies

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making – Gathers, verifies and assesses all appropriate and available information to gain an accurate understanding of situations. Considers a range of possible options, evaluating evidence and seeking advice where appropriate and ultimately making well-considered, clear, timely and justifiable decisions (or recommendations)
  • Communication – Effective communication skills suitable for liaising with colleagues within the Scrum Team and beyond to broader project team, both on a one-to-one and one to many basis. Demonstrate effective communication, both orally and in writing, with colleagues including producing/reviewing technical documentation, preparing, organizing, and delivering presentations using appropriate tools and techniques.
  • Planning and Organising – Effective at determining a course of action by breaking it down into smaller steps and by planning and resourcing each of these, making allowance for potential problems.
  • Building Relationships – Able to develop effective relationships with Allocate colleagues and customers. Able to respond appropriately to feedback.
  • Influencing skills – Ability to influence both within the scrum squad.
  • Understanding Allocate – Aware of Allocate strategies, policies, and procedures and how the organisation operates.
  • Influencing and Impact – Act in a professional manner and exhibit the required behavior that should provide an example to other employees.- Able to network throughout the wider Allocate business and the user community. Needs to delegate tasks, responsibilities, and authorities effectively.
  • Innovation, Flexibility, and Adaptability – Undertake tasks with a positive attitude and respond well to management and customer requests. Must be prepared to meet business goals and respond well to change
  • Leading Change - Positive about change, adapting rapidly to changing circumstances, and encouraging flexibility in others. Supportive in implementing key strategic changes within R&D whilst taking an innovative approach to solving problems and considers alternatives.

Skills, Knowledge, and Experience:

Candidates should ideally have:

  • Experience as a Software Engineer for at least two years.
  • Degree in Computer Science or related field.
  • Experience in collaborating within a multi-disciplinary Agile Squad.
  • Excellent knowledge and experience of working with the Microsoft and AWS technologies
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